The Office of International Services (OIS) has a variety of professional staff members to assist you during your time at the University of Pittsburgh. In order to provide you the best service, our staff in Pittsburgh operate in functional teams.

  • Administration – The Administrative team includes the OIS leadership and staff who provide services for the entire international community at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Employment Team - The Employment Team works with visiting scholars, J-1 interns, and university employees at all 5 University of Pittsburgh campuses.
  • Regional Campus - While all immigration services are managed by the Pittsburgh campus, there are Regional Campus Contacts to help support international students on most regional campuses. The University of Pittsburgh at Titusville students are entirely supported by the Pittsburgh campus.
  • Student Team - The Student Team works with incoming, current, and graduated students with active SEVIS records. The Immigration Specialists on the Student Team have a portfolio of specific schools that they will serve and are available for Walk-In Hours and Scheduled Appointments. Walk-In Hours are best for brief, general questions and typically last less than 5 minutes (Mondays and Thursdays from 1 PM to 4 PM). Scheduled Appointments are best for more detailed and specific questions and are scheduled for 20 minutes in length.

If you have general questions or are not clear which person to choose from our list, you can always email

Delo Blough  

Director (PDSO, RO)

Sara Jones  

Associate Director (DSO, ARO)
Administration, Student Team
  • College of Business Administration
  • Katz Graduate School of Business
  • School of Education

Brianna Allen  

Assistant Director of the Employment Team (DSO, ARO)
Administration, Employment Team
  • Scholars and Employees
  • Non-Pitt Sponsored Employees
  • Legal Permanent Residency Applicants

Leeanne Johnson  

Assistant Director of the Student Team
Administration, Student Team

Kati Von Lehman  

Assistant Director of Outreach and Assessment (DSO, ARO)

Nicole Arms  

Administrative System Assistant

Cintia Benitez  

Immigration Specialist (DSO, ARO)
Employment Team
  • Scholars and Employees
  • Non-Pitt Sponsored Employees
  • Legal Permanent Residency Applicants

Caitlin Dawson  

Immigration Specialist (DSO, ARO)
Student Team
  • College of General Studies
  • Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences
  • Graduate School of Public Health
  • School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Pharmacy

Susanna Deemer  

Immigration Specialist (DSO, ARO)
Student Team
  • Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
  • School of Dental Medicine
  • School of Law
  • Swanson School of Engineering

Katy Gongaware  

Scholar and Employment Specialist (ARO)
Employment Team
  • Scholars and Employees

Lucas Grasha  

Office Assistant

Zakaria Miller  

Graduate Intern

Kaylee Rush  

New Student Specialist
Student Team

Michele Shuey

Regional Campuses
  • University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Samila Sosic

Regional Campuses
  • University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Branwyn Turnage  

Office Coordinator

Jean Wenner  

Immigration Specialist (DSO, ARO)
Student Team
  • School of Computing and Information
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Social Work