Tax Resources for July 15, 2020 Deadline - UPDATED

UPDATED: The new deadline for tax form submissions is July 15, 2020.

The Internal Revenue Service (U.S. tax bureau) requires tax forms from all individuals present in the U.S. during the 2019 tax year regardless of income. As a reminder maintaining immigration status requires that an individual comply with all U.S. laws, which includes filing federal taxes (and state and local, if applicable).  April 15, 2020 is the deadline to submit these forms for the calendar year 2019.  You can learn more about taxes and your obligations related to submitting forms here:
The University has arranged for two services which you may wish to utilize for the completion of your taxes - an online software program that you complete on your own (Sprintax), and personal assistance through a volunteer organization (VITA Tax Assistance).  Feel free to select whichever you prefer/are able to use.  
Sprintax Information
The University of Pittsburgh has arranged free access to Sprintax Tax Preparation for you. Sprintax will guide you through the tax preparation process, arrange the necessary documents and check if you’re due a tax refund. Sprintax was used by over 165,000 international students and scholars last year, and the average Federal refund received by eligible students was over $1,087.
All you need to do is:
  1. Register and follow the simple instructions
  2. Complete the online questionnaire
  3. Enter Pitt’s unique code SpTx2019UPIS501F in the box on the ‘Review your order’ page
  4. Sprintax will prepare your tax return.  You will not pay anything to file your federal tax return if you use the code above.  If you are required to file a state tax return, there will be a nominal charge to you, payable to Sprintax.
  5. Finally, once you complete the preparation process in the Sprintax software, you must print, sign and mail your documents to the Internal Revenue Service for federal returns, and to the appropriate state agency for your state returns.
  6. If you have any questions, the Sprintax team will be happy to help via their 24/7 live chat facility. 

VITA Tax Assistance
The David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership, in the Katz Business School, has partnered with United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania to provide free assistance for completion of taxes.  This is available to all international students who earned less than $55,000 in 2019.  Appointments are currently available at the Carnegie Library on Thursdays from 4pm – 7pm, Fridays from 10am – 4pm, and Saturdays from 10am – 2:30pm.  
Scheduling Your Appointment:

  • Call 211 or 888-856-2773 and speak with a representative of United Way
  • Text your zip code and request for a tax appointment to 898-211
  • Schedule your appointment online