Symposium Events

OIS hosts one large Symposium every year and monthly, online Lunch Series events throughout the year to help educate and train the Pitt faculty and staff about important issues related to immigration and our Pitt international community.


The most recent Symposium was held on October 8, 2021 online. View the Symposium Opening presentation here. This event had the following sessions:

  • OIS Structure and Responsibilities - In this session, OIS staff will give a brief overview of the structure and responsibilities of the Office of International Services. We will also give a brief overview of general immigration terms and the legalities affecting our international populations. This session is geared toward administrators who have had little experience working with Pitt's international scholars or for those administrators who want a refresher on the broader picture of OIS and Immigration. View the OIS Structure and Responsibilities presentation here.
  • Green Card Options and Policies - OIS staff will review what permanent residency options exist for international Pitt faculty and staff, including departmental responsibilities and cost. We will also discuss how a department can create their own policies for who they will support for permanent residency and what ‘support’ means. View the Green Card Options and Policies presentation here.
  • Visa Pathways: Employment in Academia - From working while in college, employment visas to the green card process, this session will take you through common visa options that may be available to your international staff and faculty. This session will provide insight on common visa pathways as well as how to determine the most appropriate visa options for your position and employee. View the Visa Pathways: Employment in Academia presentation here.
  • #YouAreWelcomeHere - You may have seen the You Are Welcome Here hashtag on signature lines and/or UCIS websites. This is a national movement, began in 2016, which has grown to more than 400 U.S. institutions and which today has a focus on providing scholarships to international student leaders. OIS Director Delo Blough was part of the group that initiated the hashtag movement. She will talk about its origins and the unfortunate need to keep the sentiment alive today. View the #YouAreWelcomeHere presentation here.

Lunch Series

We will have monthly, online trainings over lunch each month. Our schedule for the 2021-2022 year is below. If the session has a link, that is the recording of the event.  Click here to register for any of the Lunch Series sessions.