The SEVP Portal and Your Reporting Responsibilities

The Department of Homeland Security launched the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) Portal in March 2018 with the intention of making it easier for F-1 students on OPT to report their employment, address, and telephone number directly to DHS.  While this portal may provide some convenience, please remember that the immigration regulations have not changed.  The regulations still state that F-1 students must report employment to their Designated School Official (Immigration Specialist) at Pitt.  OIS utilizes our online service center – My OIS – to collect this type of information.
The exact regulation is in 8 CFR 214.2(f)12)(i) and reads:

  • (i) General. An F-1 student who is granted employment authorization by USCIS to engage in optional practical training is required to report any change of name or address, or interruption of such employment to the DSO for the duration of the optional practical training. A DSO who recommends a student for OPT is responsible for updating the student’s record to reflect these reported changes for the duration of the time that training is authorized.

Since the regulation has not changed, students are REQUIRED to report employment to OIS through My OIS ( in order to maintain status, regardless of reporting information in the SEVP Portal.  We suggest to those students who wish to use the SEVP portal that they use it for viewing purposes, only, and not to make any changes.  The SEVP Portal is optional and not required by federal regulations.  Students who choose to use the Portal to report information are still required to report that same information in My OIS.
The above information is based on relevant immigration regulations for general information purposes, only, and does not constitute legal advice.  Always contact your Immigration Specialist with specific questions.