December 2017 Travel Restricitions

As you may have heard, yesterday the Supreme Court issued an order which removes restrictions on implementing the revised travel ban which was announced in September. Two federal appeals courts are continuing to review the validity of the revised travel ban, but yesterday’s announcement permits the ban to move forward while awaiting the appeals courts’ decisions. Obviously, we will be watching this closely and will share updates with you as we learn more. For a summary of the latest developments, the following articles may be helpful:

Information about the ban itself is provided in the September 25th email included below. The ban will affect eligibility for certain visa types based on citizenship, but it should not impact eligibility to remain in the United States under your current, valid immigration status, nor options that you would otherwise have to extend your stay or change your status while in the United States. As we have previously, we continue to urge you to be very cautious about traveling internationally, and to contact OIS and/or obtain legal advice before finalizing any travel plans. And again, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or your immigration specialist regarding any questions or concerns.