Cultural Presentations

OIS presents regularly to different groups in the Pitt community.  Our standard presentations are through the Global Competency Certificate in the Faculty Staff Development Program (FDSP), but they are also available upon request.  In addition, OIS is often asked to speak to groups about a variety of other topics related to our international population or cultural professional development.  One tool that OIS uses for cultural trainings is the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) which can be used for departments or individuals.  Here is a list of the different opportunities through OIS.

Standardized and FSDP Presentations

Cross-Cultural Communication

One of the hardest elements of working with people from other countries is the different communication styles and expectations. This session will provide an understanding of ways that communication varies across cultures, help participants to recognize those differences, and provide strategies to bridge communication styles.

Intercultural Competency

Working and providing services in a diverse environment requires a knowledge and understanding of cultural differences, values, and behaviors. This fun, yet informative, session will help participants gain understanding to enhance the quality of their interactions with international and diverse students, faculty, and staff at the University and elsewhere.

Life of an International Visitor

This session will detail the unique process that both international students and scholars need to experience before, during, and after they come to Pitt. Presenters will share information about visa applications, cultural adjustment for our international visitors, and employment options.

Customized Presentations

Customized presentations can be presented by OIS staff on a variety of topics such as International Student Enrollment Issues, Employment Options for International Students, Supporting International Scholars, Changing Immigration Status During Employment, and more.  If departments are interested in learning about specific cultures (such as Chinese communication styles), OIS will help direct the requester to the appropriate UCIS academic center.

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Presentations

OIS offers trainings and assessments through the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) for both departments and individuals.  For any IDI presentation, the individual(s) would take the IDI assessment and the results would be available to the OIS presenter.  The individual and group presentations both include an explanation of the tool and its uses.  However, there is a significant difference between the two.  In a group presentation, the IDI results are for the group as a whole and individual results are not seen unless a staff member in the group requests a follow-up meeting with OIS.  Whereas, an individual session (which can be after the group session or not affiliated with a group), the person learns about the tool, receives their individual results and a training plan for any cultural development goals. 

How to Request a Presentation

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact Kati Von Lehman (Assistant Director of Outreach and Assessment).  In addition, if you have suggestions for additional topics you would like to see, please review our Symposium events or contact Kati with your idea.