Cross-Cultural Training

The Office of International Services works not only to meet immigration compliance for our international visitors, but also to help build connections and provide support to everyone in our international and campus communities.  One of the most significant ways that OIS works to build connections between people in different cultures across the university is to provide opportunities to personally and professionally develop their cultural identity, cultural exposure, and cultural understanding.

Cultural Presentations

OIS presents a variety of cultural topics to help our Pitt community learn more about working with people from other cultures, experiences of our international visitors, and more.

Reading List

The OIS staff has created a list of books and articles that they recommend for people looking to learn more about cultural topics and issues.

Video Library

OIS has curated a library of videos we use in presentations or find helpful in explaining different cultural topics.

For Fun

Education, whether personal or professional, should always include a bit of fun!  The OIS staff has made a list of their recommendations for international movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, and more fun activities.