COVID-19 Webinar FAQs: Health Care


What is the procedure to get tested for COVID-19 if we suspect that we have the virus? 

If you have questions about any health concerns, please contact the Student Heath Center  If you suspect you may have COVID-19, do NOT visit your doctor of the Student Health Center. CALL FIRST and receive instructions for what you should do in order to be tested for the virus, if necessary.  For additional information, and for all updated information, please see the information at

If I leave now and do not need my health insurance, can I cancel it? If so, how? 

All questions about health insurance should be directed to your carrier.  For UPMC for students, information can be found at

I understand that CDC doesn’t recommend people to wear a mask, but if I feel safer with a mask, is it OK if I come to campus wearing a mask? What shall I do about people negatively treating me when I wear a mask? 

If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, you are absolutely permitted to do so.  The University is concerned about negative actions directed at anyone due to coronavirus concerns.  If you experience negativity because of wearing a mask, please let us know and the appropriate authorities will be notified. 

If (worst case scenario) an international student gets COVID-19 and insurance does not cover all the treatment, will the U.S. Government or Pitt financially support us? 

As you know, the U.S. does not have universal health care.  However, you should absolutely not allow your concerns about cost prevent you from getting testing and treatment if needed.  The University and OIS have funds set aside to assist students as needed.  If you receive treatment and are unable to pay your share of the cost, we will review the situation and respond as appropriate. 

Where can I purchase the UPMC health plan? 

Please visit