COVID-19 Webinar FAQs: Education


I am an undergraduate student. Can I complete everything online, including final exams?  

Please see the information at

I am a graduate research student. Can I complete everything online, including final exams?  

Please see information at

Will fall semester course enrollment be changed?

We hope that the situation will have stabilized by the fall, but we do not have any current information. The best place for up-to-date information is

I already applied for summer term courses.  I am a graduate instructor in the summer and I would rather teach from home. Will they go online?  

To our knowledge, decisions about summer classes have not yet been made. The best place for up-to-date information is  You are also advised to check with your department to find out what they are able and willing to accommodate. 

I will graduate in April. If commencement does not occur, can I delay my graduation time so I can attend the graduation ceremony I’ve looked forward to for so long? 

According to Chancellor Gallagher, decisions have not yet been made about Spring Commencement.  The best place for up-to-date information is  We can assure you that the University understands the importance of graduation to celebrate all your accomplishments and everyone wants to make that experience available to you, but the safety and health of everyone will always be paramount. Should commencement be cancelled this year, the University will provide information about your options. 

If I have deadlines for next week, do these still stand? 

As you know, classes have been suspended next week and will resume online on the 23rd. You will still be responsible for completing all your coursework by the end of the semester.  If you have specific questions about your courses, they should be directed to the course instructor. 

I was planning to take a study abroad course in the summer.  How can I complete those credits? 

Information about study abroad and study away course cancellations should be referred to the Study Abroad office.